Saturday, September 5, 2009

Transfer Picasa Albums to another Google Picasa Account

If you ever create a new Google/Gmail account and want to make this new account link up with your old Picasa Web Albums account from your old Google account than you will soon find out that it is not possible to transfer your Picasa account to a new google account....It is the same thing with Youtube. With Blogger it is easy to transfer blogs to a new Gmail accounts, same thing with Google Calendars. Even Yahoo lets you transfer a Flickr account to a new Yahoo account.

There is however an easy workaround to move your Picasa Web Albums to a new Google/Picasa account.

Here's how:

1.) If you have a Picasa account then you might have already installed the desktop version of Picasa. If not then you will need to download and install Picasa on your computer. You can download Picasa here.

2.) Startup your web browser and login to you old Picasa Web Albums account.

3.) Click on the Album you wish to transfer

4.) Click on the download tab located right above the photos, and select "Download to Picasa"

5.) Depending on the browser a dialogue box may pop up warning you that an external application must be launched. Just click agree, or yes, or launch application, to startup Picasa

6.) A new window will pop up from Picasa asking you if you want to download this album to your computer. Click "Download" and Picasa will open up and start downloading the album

7.) After Picasa has finished downloading the album it should automatically go to the album. If not you can find the downloaded Album in your Pictures folder under "Downloaded Albums" followed by your old Google username and then finally the albums title.

8.) To upload the album to your new Picasa account logout of your old account on both your browser and your desktop Picasa programs. On the desktop program you can see which account, if any you are logged into by looking at the far right hand corner of the application.

9.) Login to your new Picasa account in the Picasa desktop software.

10.) Find the album you just downloaded in the Album list on the left side of the program.

11.) Right click on the album and select "Upload to Web Albums"

12.) A dialogue box will pop up giving you a couple of can choose to upload the album as is or give the album a new name. I usually just keep the original name, but the choice is yours. You can also choose the image size, again the choice is yours. Finally you can choose from three different privacy options for your albums, Public, Unlisted, and Sign-in required to view.

13.) Click the Upload button and Picasa will upload the photos to your new Picasa account.

That's it....I have found that this method keeps all the original location data, titles and captions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


  1. In general this is a nice idea, but when using this way you resize all pictures to the size they are stored in a web album.

  2. Your point is correct, but this tutorial is not for retrieving your photos for local storage but only for moving them to a new account in which case the original sizes that the photos were uploaded at is retained.

  3. I have over 50 albums, any suggestions on how to download them all in one shot?

  4. Good Question...let me look into it!

  5. Anonymous...there is one program out there that will automate the transfer of many photo sharing is called Migratr and I did not have much success with it...some people have...I did install the software and it appears harmless so you might want to give it a is the link...let me know if it works for you....


  6. Awesome, your instructions worked perfectly, thanks Michael!


  7. hey Michael what happens if i grant admin rights to another e-mail id for blogger and delete mine what happens to the picasa album since i used picasa to upload the pics for the blogspot i own. will it get transfered to the new account or remain in mine it self.

  8. That is a good question....and since I have not tried that myself I am going to have to try and find out the answer....

    Anyone else come across this scenario?

  9. I would like to do the same thing mentioned below. Has anyone tried it yet?

    "hey Michael what happens if i grant admin rights to another e-mail id for blogger and delete mine what happens to the picasa album since i used picasa to upload the pics for the blogspot i own. will it get transfered to the new account or remain in mine it self."

  10. This was extremely helpful! Thank you very much!

  11. Not working.

    First of all, if the album description or photo caption is a bit long, some of characters will be truncated during the process.

    Secondly, I sometime experience photo duplication and omission. So even the number of photo match, there may not be a complete transfer.

    Thirdly, picasa will automatically generate a global unique ID based on your album title. Upon transfer, picasa will generate another one for you. If you have sent out URL to a lot of people, there will be difficulty to update them.

    Fourthly, the visitor count will be lost.

  12. I hope that Google will find a way to make album transfers to another picasa account online without downloading the album. :(

  13. Easier way to do this:

    Open the picasa desktop application. Go to the File menu, and pick "Import from Picasa Web Albums". This way you can pick all the albums at once.

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  15. Thanks, this is helpful! I was wondering though, the comments on my photos will not show up with the photos once they have been transfered to the second account, will they? This is another reason I wish Picasa would create an easy account transfer.

  16. Worked great, but is there anyway to keep photo link intact since i use it for my blog, coz when i deleted old album, photos in my blog had dissapear, i predicated this before, now i have to URL UL one by one to every posts i've made with photo. Appreciate any help...

    1. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem.

  17. just found this:

    looks like there is an automated way of making the transfer


  18. Thanks for this valuable knowledge. It worked well for me.


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  20. Adding to what vedran mentioned: You can migrate accounts by going to Picasa Web Albums, Settings, Privacy and Permissions, Migrate my photos.

  21. Nevertheless, I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error, so I think I'll just do it your way. So, thanks for the instructions!

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