Saturday, March 13, 2010

YouTube Not working in Opera 10.5

I found an new solution to this problem. I have posted a new solution with instructions. You can view the post here:
YouTube Not Working in Opera 10.51 - Part 2

Post Updated on April 15th - 2010 - 1:43am


I just recently installed the new Opera 10.5 browser and I love the new look. Today however I tried to watch a YouTube video and it would not play. I just kept receiving the "Go Upgrade" message to go and upgrade the Adobe Flash player. After trying that a couple of times and still not being able to play YouTube videos in Opera 10.5 I went searching for a solution on the Opera Forums.

The solution that worked for me was from a user named mcclausky on the Opera Forums. You can see his post three quarters of the way down at this page.

Basically the problem seems to be with the new YouTube layout. So to fix the problem do the following:

1.) If your signed in to YouTube then sign out.

2) Close all open YouTube tabs.

3) Go to the Opera "Settings" menu item, and select "Preferences".

4) On the "Preferences" window select the "Advanced" tab.

5) Select the "Cookies" item and then click on "Manage Cookies".

6) On the manage Cookies page do a search for "YouTube" and delete all the YouTube cookies.

7) Click "Close" then click "Ok".

8) Close Opera and then re-launch it.

9) Go to and click on any video and it should work. After testing a video to make sure it works, you can sign back into your YouTube account.

This worked for me for Opera 10.5 running on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Please comment with any further suggestions.

Also if anyone knows why Youtube's new layout does not work with Opera 10.5 then please comment.

Oh and thanks again to the original poster mcclausky on the Opera forums for this solution.