Saturday, March 13, 2010

YouTube Not working in Opera 10.5

I found an new solution to this problem. I have posted a new solution with instructions. You can view the post here:
YouTube Not Working in Opera 10.51 - Part 2

Post Updated on April 15th - 2010 - 1:43am


I just recently installed the new Opera 10.5 browser and I love the new look. Today however I tried to watch a YouTube video and it would not play. I just kept receiving the "Go Upgrade" message to go and upgrade the Adobe Flash player. After trying that a couple of times and still not being able to play YouTube videos in Opera 10.5 I went searching for a solution on the Opera Forums.

The solution that worked for me was from a user named mcclausky on the Opera Forums. You can see his post three quarters of the way down at this page.

Basically the problem seems to be with the new YouTube layout. So to fix the problem do the following:

1.) If your signed in to YouTube then sign out.

2) Close all open YouTube tabs.

3) Go to the Opera "Settings" menu item, and select "Preferences".

4) On the "Preferences" window select the "Advanced" tab.

5) Select the "Cookies" item and then click on "Manage Cookies".

6) On the manage Cookies page do a search for "YouTube" and delete all the YouTube cookies.

7) Click "Close" then click "Ok".

8) Close Opera and then re-launch it.

9) Go to and click on any video and it should work. After testing a video to make sure it works, you can sign back into your YouTube account.

This worked for me for Opera 10.5 running on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Please comment with any further suggestions.

Also if anyone knows why Youtube's new layout does not work with Opera 10.5 then please comment.

Oh and thanks again to the original poster mcclausky on the Opera forums for this solution.


  1. Thanks, it worked on mine. Had been wondering why youtube wouldn't work on the new Opera as well.

    Followed the steps, though I had to clear cache as well (before re-opening the browser), else Youtube wouldn't load for me.

  2. That worked for me too, no need to clear the cache though. Has been driving me nuts for a week that problem, sheers for the re-post of the solution.

  3. Oops, I of course meant cheers, not sheers!

  4. Why are we supposed to fix this when it's clearly youtube's fault?

  5. it did not work for me. i did it once and one video worked after clicking a random video on youtubes homepage. but after that it went back to doing what it was doing before. it did not even work on internet explorer.

  6. yea i have read this solution several places and tried it bolth deleting and cookies and the same for google. alas im still getting this shit, still real annoyed, what was to be simple - sample a guys music, has turned into a 2 hour ordeal that includes fixing opera crashing when i try to close a browser PDF
    its not operas fault, its the competition there overstepping there bounds
    im gonna delete EVERYTHING in my cookies (theres about 8 months of shit in there anyway

  7. still telling me to upgrade. Fuck you youtube

  8. Same Here... Go Upgrade....

  9. I found this UserJS that supposedly fixes it:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name YoutubeProtectionRemover
    // @include*
    // @description Removes lame protection on YouTube
    // @copyright 2010, Snap
    // ==/UserScript==

    function (ev){
    ev.element.text = ev.element.text.replace("yt.flash.update(swfConfig, forceUpdate);","");


    Either it's not loading for me or it no longer works with their latest changes, I'm not sure, but play around with it I guess.

  10. god damnit fuck opera why does my favorite browser have to be all fucked up

  11. What a pile of dog poo. This is a problem dating back to several versions ago. And it still gets broken.

  12. the 'problem' is google trying to stop people running ad blockers, and inadvertently blocking everyone user a browser, dont blame Opera, blame google for being 'tards

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Thanks for everyone's comments on this post....It looks like the fix mentioned in my blog post may no longer work...but according to a twitter post by the Opera people..."they are working on it as we speak" ...that is their words...not mine...see the post here...

    Believe me as soon as find an answer I will post it here...

  15. A temporary work around is to view the videos on the channel page of the user that uploaded the video...for whatever reason the videos seem to play ok the channel page...

  16. the solution posted a couple of comments up seemed to eventually work for me...I will post an complete how to in the next hour...

  17. The cookie-clearing didn't work for me, but that JavaScript did. Cheers!

  18. Cleaning cookies and cache doesn't fix the prob anymore.

    @Michael Whyte: It seems there is not any prob for embedded videos, like in channel page.

  19. But the js script is perfect !

  20. I created a new blog post with instructions on how to use the JavaScript solution for getting YouTube videos to play in is the link to the post....

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