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Change Green Coloured Encrypted files in Windows 7 Into Normal Files

Like most people I download stuff from the web and often times when I have downloaded the file the file or folder is coloured green. The green colour on a file or folder in Windows usually means the file is encrypted or at least Windows thinks it is encrypted. To remove that green colour from your folders and or files follow the steps below. 1) Right click on  the file or folder and select "properties". 2) Once the properties window appears select the "Advanced" button located in the lower right hand side of the window. 3) With the Advanced Attributes window open uncheck the "Encrypt contents to secure data" and click "OK" 4) Back on the properties window click the "Apply" button. If you are working on a file click "OK" and your done. If you are working on a folder another window will appear asking you to choose to apply to either this folder only or to this folder and subfolders and files. After making your choic

Google Apps Outgoing Mail Server Not Authenticating

I wrote this post to help anyone who has had a problem with accessing their Google Apps outgoing mail server. Unfortunately this post turned into a bit of an outlet for the problems I had with figuring this problem out so if you want to skip to the answer then jump down to the Short Answer section .  The Back Story I use regular Gmail but send my outgoing mail through my Google Apps outgoing mail server. The reason for this is I like to have my Emails appear to have come from my custom domain Email address and I like to use the regular non-Google-Apps Gmail service as it allows me to use a single sign in to access almost all of Google's services. Recently the people at Google have decided to allow Google Apps users to use their custom domain addresses to sign in to more Google services such as Blogger and Picasa . The roll out of this new feature is coming this fall and a few Google Apps users may have access to this feature now. I happened to be one of those users and wh

How to add a link to your image using HTML

Here is a step by step on how to make an image link in HTML. 1.) Open your web page using your HTML editor. 2.) Find the image on your page that you want to make linkable. 3.) Add the code that is highlighted in orange to your image tag.      <a href="http://yourURL"> <img src="yourImage" alt="imageDescription" /> </a> 4.) Replace "yourURL" with the location of where you want your image to link to. 5.) To make your image link to another web page and make that web page open in a new tab in the browser you can add the following to the link.                  <a href="http://yourURL" target="_blank" ><img src="yourImage"                   alt="imageDescription" /></a>